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Dunnett & Johnston Group is Australia’s largest independent meat trading and exporting company. Our wholesale operations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, plus cold storage and distribution facilities in New Zealand, are industry leading.

Utilising our strong, long-term global relationships, we are ideally positioned to meet your needs through our wide range of services and abilities.

The burgeoning global population and increasingly complex international markets mean that now, more than ever, it’s vital to keep sight of the basic values of conducting good business.

At Dunnett & Johnston Group we pride ourselves on integrity and honesty in all business dealings: qualities integral to our success and rapid growth.

Our family history in Australia’s meat industry stretches back more than half a century and it’s our ‘old fashioned’ values that keep us anchored to simple principals; like professional, courteous service and always striving for your complete satisfaction.

Through strategic relationships with a wide and varied supplier base across Australia, New Zealand, Europe and North America, we can ensure your requirements are met year-round, regardless of seasonal conditions.

From product selection and procurement to delivery in-store, Dunnett & Johnston Group’s product knowledge and expertise in marketing and sales, shipping, documentation, risk management and finance ensures your orders are professionally managed at every stage.

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